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FAR is a text-mode shell for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP which replaces/competes with Norton Commander and similar programs. FAR provides greater functionality than Norton Commander and other programs combined with easier use and significantly improved capability as well as a much lower price.

For more information, visit Far Team site.

Address Book
Regular Expression Search
Mobile Phone Interface
PhotoHosting client
Deep Compare
System Parameters Editor
Nodelist Browser

Address Book

This plugin allows you to store data about persons, categorizing them in a tree-like structure.

A lot of additional features, such as creating an e-mail to address you clicked on, calling selected phone number, or notifying upon upcoming birthday, are implemented.

Latest version is 2.31. Download it here (692191 bytes, 14.12.2009)

Version 2.16 (30.03.2003)

* User prompted when data file cannot be opened

+ Using new dialog library (though this should not be visible)

Regular Expression Search

This plugin allows you to perform text search and replace both in built-in editor and from file panel. In addition to standard Far tools, it allows you to use regular expressions in both search and replace operations, thus allowing you to perform context-dependent replacing.

Sorry, currently file RESearch7*.rar is unavailable

Version 4.45 (27.06.2005)

* Ins/Del in Renumber

+ Rename can create directories

- Esc from Batch menu does not crash Far anymore

- Correctly interrupts Search

- Search/replace for '\xNN' in editor in non-OEM mode yields correct results

Mobile Phone interface

With this plugin you can view and edit your mobile phone phonebook, send and read SMS and perform some more operations.

Latest version is 2.60. Download it here (1117405 bytes, 17.02.2011)

Version 1.16 (26.04.2005)

- Fixed handling of phones like "*31#+7921..."

- Another non-working send fixed

PhotoHosting client

This plugin is an interface to several web photo hosting sites. Currently supported are LiveJournal and Yandex.Fotki; Picasa and Flickr will follow shortly.

Latest version is unknown. Download it here (12736325 bytes, 27.05.2014)

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Deep Compare

This plugin is an extended version of "Advanced Compare" plugin, with selective file comparing and unique caching functionality.

Latest version is 1.52. Download it here (1810012 bytes, 02.12.2013)

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This plugin allows you to attach files through FTN-like networks, using all types of outbound, flavors and other.

It is a complete rebuild of FarAttach 1.3 by Dmitry Jemerov, made with author's permission, since he stopped developing it.

Latest version is 2.42. Download it here (55211 bytes, 14.12.2009)

Version 2.42 (06.03.2003)

- Slashes automatically added for paths in configuration (except 'Stored in BSO as'!)

System Parameters Editor

This plugin allows you to edit a lot of (i.e, over 20) parameters in Far manager version 1.70 (and higher), which are not accessible through normal configuration.

Latest version is 1.1496. Download it here (35772 bytes, 14.12.2009)

Version 1.1496 (23.08.2002)

All features from Far 1.70 beta4 build 1496 added

Nodelist browser

This plugin allows you to view your nodelist(s) as a tree, save nodelist segments in a file and view detailed node/point information.

Plugin requires T-Mail nodelist index to work.

Latest version is 1.0. Download it here (28190 bytes, 14.12.2009)